Somalia’s Envoy heads to the Hague over Maritime dispute with Kenya

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Somalia’s envoy led by Federal Government of Somalia Deputy Prime Minister Mahdi Mohammed Gulaid has on Monday proceeded to The Hague-based International Court of Justice (ICJ) to attend the public hearing of the Maritime dispute case between Somalia and Kenya, set to be heard next week March 15th.

Deputy Prime Minister
Mahdi Mohammed Gulaid to lead the Somali delegation to The Hague based ICJ
where a maritime dispute case is set to be heard
Source: Twitter, Abdulaziz Billow Ali

“Our duty is to unite and defend our land and our real estate, which is a historic responsibility and the most precious legacy we will leave to future generations of Somalis,” said the deputy prime Minister.

The dispute between Kenya and Somalia is over which direction the two countries’ border extends into the Indian Ocean. Somalia argues that the maritime boundary should continue on in the same direction as the land border’s southeasterly path. While Kenya insists that the border should take a roughly 45-degree turn at the shoreline and run in a latitudinal line.


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